Gaston Association of Realtors® New Logo Contest

Creating a new dynamic image for our fantastic association

In April of this year the Alternative Revenue Committee in partnership with the Membership Committee asked the Board of Directors for permission to create a new updated and more dynamic logo for our association.  With the Board's blessing we have now created a contest so that we can select the best of the best.  The winning design will be revealed at the Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon held in September.  We will be launching a new line of products for purchase via the website along with the launch of the new logo.  Rules for the contest are below and also the Artwork Release form that must accompany all artwork is available by clicking the PDF button located at the bottom of the page.  Good luck and everyone have a good time.

GAR Logo Contest Rules and Guidelines

1. All artwork and/or designs must be original work.  No copyrighted material will be accepted.

2. All submissions must be accompanied by the Artwork Release Form which is available via the PDF button at the bottom of the rules.

3. Anyone can create the logo but the finished product must be submitted by a GAR member.  If you have a friend or family member that is artistic, they may create a logo and submit it through you.  The original artist must sign the Artwork Release Form that you will submit along with the design under your name.

4. Artwork should be submitted in JPEG format with the size of 1920 x 1920 pixel dimension.

5. Artwork and Artwork Release Forms should be emailed to and received in her inbox no later than July 12, 2019 at 5:00pm.  Artwork received late or without the Artwork Release Form will be discarded and not considered in the contest.


6. The logo may use the abbreviation "GAR" but also must contain "Gaston Association of Realtors®"  somewhere in the logo.  Do not forget that Realtors® is a registered trademark and must contain the symbol at the end.

7. The winning design will be revealed at the September Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon and a new product line will be launched with the new logo on it and available for purchase on our website.  The winning entry will be notified prior to the Meeting.

8.  All submissions become the property of the Gaston Association of Realtors® and may used or published at their discretion.

9. Have fun and let your creative juices flow. 

For any questions or clarification please call Cindie Hunt, Membership Committee Vice-Chair, at 815-712-7034 or Todd Pierceall, Alternative Revenue Chair, at 980-329-6294.








Helpful Hints: 


- Be as creative as you want but remember that we are a Realtor® Association and designs that are too abstract may not appeal to an association dedicated to home ownership.   
- Keep your design simple without too many colors.  Very intricate designs are hard to reproduce in any format and although they look pretty as a design, reproduction is impossible.  Limit your use of different colors. In many production processes each color represents an additional cost.  The fewer colors the cheaper to reproduce on various products.
- Logos should represent the organization or company with an instant appeal to the masses and be easily recognized when they stand alone.  Make your logo appealing to a wide segment of the population and make it modern and recognizable.

GAR Logo Contest Artwork Release Form


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